clearaudio record cleaning machines
Trust the guys at clearaudio to take a great idea and improve on it. Take a gander at the beautiful Double Matrix Professional record cleaning machine on the left. Underneath that stylish exterior lurks a system that would satisfy the most dedicated of analog obsessives. This puppy not only washes both LP sides in one step, it also removes cleaning fluids from both sides with a single vacuum arm. Robust design? You bet - the Double Matrix will NOT overheat, even after several hours of operation. The cleaning brushes discharge static electricity and all cleaning elements are self-cleaning! $4,000.00.
Perhaps you'd rather spend your shekels on Lps. If that's the case, here's the Smart Matrix Professional (right).
Here's one place where the "trickle down" theory actually works. The Smart Matrix may be only a fraction of the cost of its bigger brother, but that doesn't mean clearaudio skimped on any features. Aside from the fact that during operation this RCM is MUCH quieter than any of the competition, its easy operation makes it a joy to use. It also has something others do not in this price range - the ability to reverse the turntable motor to better "scrub" the record! Cool-looking, too. Highly recommended! $1,500.00
And, yes, we carry the clearaudio's Pure Groove fluids and replcement parts for the Matrix machines.

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