We admit it: we're dinosaurs! We still love our LPs and still prefer the sound of good analog to that of digital. We have something of a reputation along these lines and we still do turntable repair and set-ups. The turntables we sell come from well-known manufacturers with track records for customer service and reliability as well as great sound for the dollar. We've got lots of experience matching all the components of analog setups so, when you buy from us, you know you'll be getting the optimum performance from the system.

Give us a call at (707) 575-8626 for recommendations!

Air Tight (cartridges)

SME (turntables and tonearms)

Music Hall (turntables)

ProJect (turntables)

Shelter (cartridges)

Clearaudio (turntables, tonearms, and cartridges)

Transrotor (turntables)

Sumiko (cartridges)

Goldring (cartridges)