Acoustic Sciences Corporation (the Tube Trap people)

Tube Traps have been with us since 1984, yet folks are only now beginning to understand the importance of their listening room in the overall audio system picture. Yes, your ROOM is as critical a component as any piece of equipment in the system, and should be treated as such. Tube Traps can make the difference between a mediocre sounding setup (with an ill-defined soundstage with out-of-control low frequencies) and sonics that are truly State-of-the-Art!

Obviously, every room is different, with its own set of problems. That's where we at The Tweak Shop and Art Noxon's team at ASC come in. We start with straightforward information about your listening room. If deemed necessary, we can actually have you tape record a series of test signals for analysis at ASC! We then design a Trap system specifically tailored for your room (and your budget!). The Traps are then made to order just for you!

Though the original Tube Traps (seen on the left) are still ASC's most popular product, they now offer a variety of different solutions for your acoustic needs, be it for home audio, pro audio installations, or studio environments.

For instance, these, (on the right), are Half-Rounds and Quarter-Rounds. The idea is to make the Traps as room-friendly as possible (a choice of 5 stock and 55 custom fabric coverings are available) so the Half-Rounds are designed to fit right up against the wall, while the Quarter-Rounds are made for corner locations with 90 degree angles where space (or aesthetics) is a big consideration (otherwise, the regular Full Rounds are still the first choice to be placed in the corners of a room). To generalize a bit, the larger the diameter of the Trap, the more effective it is at taming lower frequencies, i.e., a 16" Trap will be of more use against a 50 cycle standing wave than the 11" Trap. Tube Traps are designed with a partial diffusor panel to allow you to "voice" their acoustic effect by simply rotating the Trap a bit at a time and listening.

It really is a fascinating thing to hear for the first time! Images can take on a solidity and focus you never thought possible. Bass becomes tight and clean with clearly defined fundamentals. Even the midrange sounds cleaner and more intelligible. Once you've heard the difference, it's like having your ears recalibrated! Give us a call at (707) 575-8626 and we'll be happy to assist you with Tube Trap selection.



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