Sound poor on phono only (other sources OK)

one channel only

Try other LPs. Clean stylus.

Sound OK:

Bad pressing, damaged record, or stylus was dirty.

No improvement:

connect left-channel output cable from tonearm to right-channel phono input, and vice versa.

Sound poor on same speaker:

Phono stage or phono section of preamp is defective.

Sound OK:

Output cable connection was poor or intermittent. Check cable. If OK, reconnect cables to proper preamp inputs.

Sound poor on other speaker:

Reconnect cables to proper preamp inputs. Connect left-channel cartridge terminals to right-channel cartridge headshell wires, and vice versa.

Sound poor on same speaker:

Bad cartridge headshell tonearm contacts. Defect in tonearm wiring or in output cable.

Sound OK:

Shorting or intermittent connection at cartridge headshell/ tonearm contacts or headshell wires. Reconnect cartridge terminals to proper headshell wires.

Sound poor in other speaker:

Trouble is in the cartridge, the stylus, improper stylus force, or tonearm bearings. If no sound on one channel, cartridge is defective.

Check stylus assembly:

If stylus cantilever is bent or twisted, or more than two years old, replace stylus. If stylus is not user replaceable, replace cartridge.

Sound OK:

Defective stylus assembly or cartridge.

No improvement:

Check stylus force. If required, adjust to upper end of stylus force range recommended by manufacturer.

Sound still poor at upper end of manufacturer's stylus force range:

Check for acoustic feedback and phono stage instability by placing stylus on record with turntable off, but amplifier on. Set bass controls (if any) to normal listening position, then turn up volume control slowly to above loudest listening level.

Sound OK:

Inadequate stylus force.

Nothing happens except increase in hum and hiss:

Tonearm bearings may be binding or stylus assembly is defective.

Speakers begin low-pitched howling, ringing, or flapping noise:

Lift stylus off record.

Noise stops:

System has acoustic feedback. Isolate turntable using Sorbothane pucks or other isolation platforms or materials, or move speakers to another location.

Noise continues:

Turn down volume control until noise stops. Preamp or integrated amp is unstable, and requires service.

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