Equipment Racks and Isolation Devices
The Solid Tech story starts about fifteen years ago when Bjorn Ohlson, a Swedish engineer and audiophile, began experimenting with different suspension platforms for audio equipment.He quickly realized that most commercially available products did make a difference to the sound, but rarely for the better.Ohlson's extensive study and research led him to a better understanding of the fundamentals of damping and isolation of unwanted resonances in the equipment chain, resulting in the first Solid Tech platform. It quickly garnered critical acclaim from all corners of the audio world, and continues to do so, finally, here in the US.
Above: Rack of Silence Reference 3
Above: A closer look at the suspension elements.

Ohlson bases all his designs on solid scientific priciples, and the effects of his products on deleterious audio vibrations are easily measurable.(Go HERE to see real-world measurements.) The top-of-the-line Rack of Silence shown above is the culmination of his R&D. The design allows for free movement in all planes as well as allowing for optimal, and precise, level adjustment. Fitted with the optional Feet of Silence or Discs of Silence (see below) this becomes the ultimate way to isolate your equipment from unwanted resonance.

Somewhat less ambitious (and more affordable) the Radius Solo and Duo line provides an effective (and stylish) solution for vibration control without breaking the bank. Natural wood shelves (in oak, birch, or flat black) combine with rigid extruded aluminum pillars in a great blend of form and function.All Solo racks now come with isolated top shelves. Left: Radius Solo 4 (in birch. Right: Radius Duo 3
The amazing Feet of Silence may be the finest isolation devices of their kind. Again, the design allows for movement in both the horizontal and vertical planes. These can be used in a wide variety of equipment installations, not just the pictured Solid Tech racks. On the right you'll see the design elements of the Feet of Silence. The suspension rings may be switched to accomodate heavier components (alternate heavy-duty rings are available separately) On the left are Feet of Silence with optional mounting bases for Rack of Silence with cherry wood supports.
The spring-loaded Discs of Silence (at left with optional rack mounting bases) come in sets of four and include extra springs to accomodate a total load of up to 200 lbs. The center hub is suspended and isolated from the outer cylinder by the springs (three or six depending on the load).

Solid Tech's simplest and most cost-effective isolation solution is the IsoClear (shown right). The IsoClears load bearing capacity can also be changed from 11 lbs per foot to 23 lbs per foot by adding springs (also included with the set of four).

The Rack of Silence racks go from $1,895.00 to $8,295.00 depending on configuration. The center supports come in black or cherry wood.

The Raduis Solo, Duo, and Cinema racks go from $595.00 to $3,295.00 depending on configuration with shelves in black, birch, or oak.

The Feet of Silence come in sets of four for $650.00

The Discs of Silence come in sets of four for $350.00 Rack mount bases for Feet and Discs are $50.00 for a set of four.

The IsoClears come in sets of four for $125.00

We think the Solid Tech systems are the most effective, flexible, and affordable products of their kind. They aren't hard on the eyes, either...

If you'd like to know more about the different configurations and prices, feel free to give us a call at 707-575-8626.

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