Once upon a time, most high quality audio preamps and receivers never left the factory without several sets of shorting plugs for use in the unused inputs. It was recognized that this was a necessary and effective way to keep various kinds of sonic garbage from insinuating its way into the component. For whatever reason, (probably greed!), manufacturers stopped supplying these handy little pups, leaving The Tweak Shop to step in and fill the void!
The fact of the matter is that, yes, there are usually a few sets of inputs on your preamplifier or receiver that you don't use. The simple act of installing shorting plugs on these inputs grounds out the input, meaning there's one less way for spurious sonic crapulosities to gain access to your precious audio signal. (PLEASE NOTE: These are intended for unused INPUTS ONLY; using them on OUTPUTS can cause serious damage to your components.) We hand-produce these plugs to order using appropriate RCA all-metal plugs, Wonderwire, and WBT silver-bearing solder. Only $6.00 per pair and ONLY available from The Tweak Shop!
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