Phono cartridges
PLEASE NOTE: All Shelter cartridges will be going up in price at the end of September!
Yasuo Ozawa left the legendary audio company Fidelity Research in 1986 to form his own phono cartridge company, Shelter. Since then, under Ozawa-san’s guidance, each Shelter cartridge is painstakingly hand-made to truly artisan standards of precision. His philosophy is just this: anything that smacks of gimmickry or, in any way, may prove deleterious to sound or reliability is eliminated. Ozawa-san believes that the simplest, most direct path is always to be prefferred. The cartridges bear this out. Detailed, nimble, and expressive, each Shelter cartridge, from the budget classic 201 to the state-of-the-art Harmony, conveys the heart and soul of music without coloration. Call us for recommendations regarding table/tonearm/phonostage matching.
A long-time Tweak Shop favorite: the Shelter 501 II: $1,195.00 Our choice for best "bang-for-the-buck".
Above left: The Shelter 201. Shelter's only high-output moving magnet offering and a steal at $310.00; Above, center: The Shelter 7000, $3,395.00; and right, The Shelter 9000, $4,195.00. Below is The Shelter Harmony, one of the finest cartridges ever made. Unequalled at revealing the inner workings of orchestral music, but also at home puching out The Doobie Brothers! $5,495.00
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