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Scale Model Equipment Co. Ltd. was originally founded (by Alastair Robertson-Aikman) to do exactly that: build high-quality scale models and detailed parts for everyone from small British industry to the London Railway. Being an audiophile, A. R-A. couldn't help but tackle tonearm design, and approached it with the same obsessive attention to detail he brought to model production. For 50 years, the SME tonearms have been prized for their superb design, sonic excellence, and outstanding fit and finish. The SME Series V is still regarded by many as the standard against which all others are judged.

Ten years ago, to celebrate their 30th anniversary, SME presented the Model 30 Turntable, a culmination of many years of Robertson-Aikman's research and design work. "Finest turntable in the world"? We think so, and so do many other music lovers around the globe.

The SME Model 20 was released a few years later as a lower-cost alternative to the Model 30. This was soon followed by the Model 10, which has made its mark as the "affordable" SME.

The latest addition to the mark is the superb Model 30/12, designed to take full advantage of the incredible Model V-12 tonearm.

All SME products offer the highest level possible of thoughtful engineering, construction and machining, and impeccable sonic performance. Unlike many so-called High End products, SME components are built to outlast their owners and provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

The SME Model 30/12 Turntable

The SME Model 30 Turntable

The SME Model 20 Turntable

The SME Model 20/12 Turntable

The SME Model 10 Turntable

The SME Series 309 and Series V Tonearms

SME Accessories

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