SME Tonearms

The ultimate tonearm in terms of machining and overall execution, the SME Series V represents a high-water mark for tonearm design and quality. The one-piece, pressure die-cast magnesium 'arm tube and close-tolerance, super-hard bearings contribute to the SMEs neutrality and reliabilty. The ingenious damping trough allows the Series V to accomodate a very wide range of cartridges, and the simple VTA adjustment makes for a truly flexible record-playing instrument that not only sounds superb, but will last a lifetime.

The Series V has been a longtime reference tonearm here at The Tweak Shop and remains one of the finest examples of the "art" of High Fidelity playback.

The Series 309, which sells for less than half the price of the V, gives up surprisingly little in terms of performance to its more expensive sibling. The 309 is, therefore, an easy recommendation for those looking for an affordable reference tonearm. (Note: the damping trough/VTA adjusting assembly of the V is also available for the 309 as an option and is highly recommended.)

Call us, at (707) 575-8626, for specific 'table/'arm recommendations!

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