SME Model 20/2 Turntable

Originally conceived as a less-costly version of the Model 30, the current incarnation of the SME Model 20 gives up very little sonically to its standard-setting big brother.

Essentially a slightly scaled-down version of the 30, the new 20 incorporates many of the same design features; they're just implemented a little less ambitiously.

Retained from its larger sibling is the large two-piece plinth and combination viscous-damping and multiple O-ring isolation system that provides such excellent isolation from external vibration. (The Model 20 uses 32 O-rings as opposed to 48 for the Model 30 and the double plinths are slightly thinner and of different material.)

Though the platter is a little less massive tha the 30s, the critical reflex clamping system is used for best LP/platter interface. Again, the spindle and bearing assembly is of the highest quality.

The same special edition SME Series V tonearm is available for the Model 20 (designated as the 20/2A) as for the Model 30 (both 20/2 and 30/2 models are drilled for the 'arm as standard from the factory).

Like the Model 30, the 20 offers an ergonomic outboad power supply/ speed control for 33 1/3, 45, and 78RPM playback.

Sonically, the differences between the two models are very small. While the Model 20 retains the 30s ability to create a vividly, even startlingly, realistic sonic picture from the lower midrange on up the frequency spectrum, the Model 20 lacks a tiny bit of the 30s incredible power and authority in the lowest octave. This, of course, may be a completely moot point depending on the nature of most home audio systems...

In its pricerange, the Model 20/2 is unmatched in its ability to stay out of the way of the music. It will provide fuss-free, reliable musicality that other turnatbles can only dream about.

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