Wallmount It 1 Turntable Wall-mount Stand
To the left is one of the first things we recommend to folks with turntables: a turntable wall-mount stand. Designed to be attached directly into the wall studs of a load-bearing wall, this stand provides superb isolation from floor-born vibrations (i.e., deep bass, footfalls, garbage trucks, cats running by, etc.) that can otherwise make the stylus jump right out of the groove! Wall mounting also helps prevent subtler stuff , mostly airborne, from making its way into the playback chain and mucking up the sound. The one on the left, the Pro-ject Wallmount It 1, will accomodate most turntables (its shelf is about 14.5" x 18"), though even larger 'tables can be effectively installed (we have experience with this!). Obviously, it helps if you either own your home or, at least, have permission to screw stuff into the walls.

The Pro-ject Wallmount It 1 features welded steel frame construction (matt black finish) with a black-veneered wooden platform, isolated (and leveled) via four adjustable spikes. Highly, highly recommended! $179.00 ea.

Pro-ject also offers wall-mounts in larger sizes to accomodate virtually any turntable, regardless of size or weight. Call us for recommendations at 707-575-8626.
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