Analog Accessories
Aside from making great, affordable turntables and small-but-mighty electronics, Pro-Ject has a wonderful line of tools for analog afficianados.

Top left: The Align It ($149) is an excellent cartridge/tonearm alignment and adjustment tool that's perfect for all Pro-Ject tonearms (as well as any others as long as they're between 8""-12" effective length). Essential for getting the most out of your analog rig.

Above center: The Level It ($29) for accurate leveling of any 'table.

Above right: The Measure It ($129) is an affordable digital tracking force measurement gauge. Accurate and reliable, it measures down to three hundredths of a gram. Another "must have" for vinyl enthusiasts.

Below right: The Ground It Deluxe1 ($349) This is a turntable isolation platform designed for mass loading. The feet are height adjustable and you have the option of using either the included machined cones or elastomer-based feet.

The Ground It Deluxe 1 is 19.7"Wx2.6"Hx15.75"D and weighs in at almost 30lbs. For situations where you are limited by space constraints, there is also a Ground It Deluxe 2 ($329), which measures 17.2"Wx2.6"Hx13.4"D and weighs just under 20lbs.

Left: The Cover It ($99 - $299 depending on turntable) is a large, clear Plexiglas cover that fits over many larger turntable systems. .

As always, call us at 707-575-8626 for recommendations.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Project Wallmount It for turntables HERE!

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