Heinz Lichtenegger, one of Austria's leading distributors of high-end audio brands, is the man behind the Pro-Ject logo. As an audiophile and music lover, Heinz 's interest in turntables and analog playback turned into a passion to create turntables, tonearms and analog accessories that were reasonably priced yet that were uncompromised both mechanically and sonically. This passion is what led him and his like-minded colleagues to launch Pro-Ject Audio Systems. By 1990, the major suppliers of mid-priced turntables had all but disappeared. The few remaining turntable manufactures had turned their backs on the entry and mid-level price points and instead concentrated on the "cost-no-object", high-end audiophile-oriented product. What was the audiophile of modest means who either (rightfully) preferred analog to digital or owned a cherished record collection to do? Heintz identified the market void that was created with the disappearance of so many "turntable classics" and began development of an entirely new line of quality, low-cost turntables. In early spring 1990, a chance meeting led Heinz to identify a Czech Republic-based audio factory. Ironically, this factory had once specialized in the manufacturing of turntables! In a dusty corner of the factory Heinz found a basic belt-drive manual turntable and the rest, as they say, is history. During its 19-year existence, Pro-Ject has flourished while creating a sizable market demand for high-performance, reasonably priced analog playback products and accessories. Pro-Ject has won many international awards and regularly receives highly favorable reviews from the audio press around the globe. We at The Tweak Shop have been dealers for the Pro-Ject turntables for many years and are proud to recommend them. Give us a call at 707-575-8626 and we'll help you discover these benchmark products. (Keep this in mind: all Pro-Ject turntables are avilable in specially-priced packages with Sumiko cartridges at significant savings!)
PLEASE NOTE: We also carry Pro-Ject's Box Series of electronics (click HERE) and analog accessories (click HERE)
At left: Pro-Ject's mighty flagship, the RPM 10 Carbon, features a massive acrylic platter using an ingenious magnetic repulsion system to reduce bearing friction and 10" carbon fiber 'arm.. A remarkable bargain in reference-quality analog playback ($3,499).
On the right: The stunning acrylic-plinthed Pro-Ject 6Perspex SB uses a Corian sub-chassis magnetically suspended and comes with a new 9" carbon fiber tonearm and Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge ($1,999).
Left: Both visually appealing and technologically advanced, the newly-configured Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon is a mass-loaded, inverted-bearing design using Pro-Ject's latest conical carbon fiber tonearm, the Evolution. Plinth isolation is accomplished with a massive set of feet using opposing magnets for friction-free damping. Included is the same brass record weight as comes with the RPM 10. Highly recommended! ($2,499). The Superpack version ($2,799) includes a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge.
Above: Pro-Ject's budget champ, the Debut Carbon DC. ($399 in black - several other colors available).Time to digitize your LPs? A new Debut Carbon DC USB is now available with USB output for direct connection to your personal computer for just $499!
At left: One of our all-time favorites from Pro-Ject - the sleek RPM-5 Carbon ($1,499).Comes complete with Sumiko Blue Point 2 high-output moving coil cartridge.
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