The age-old question: Which will effect your systems sound more, your preamp or your amp?

It's our humble opinion that, in the electronic signal chain, the smaller the signal, the more important it is that it's being treated as well as possible. The preamp plays a delicate role; it is the first place the signal comes to after the source (be it analog or digital) and how it is dealt with at the preamp decides a good deal of how it comes through the rest of the system. This is particularly true of phono sections, where the signal is VERY small (on the order of millivolts). The audio signal must be amplified as accurately as possible, without loss (or addition) of the original music before being sent to the next amplification stage.

Amplifiers, on the other hand, are somewhat more concerned with what comes AFTER them, than before. Your speakers present an amplifier with a complex load, and not just simple impedance. There are good reasons why small wattage, single-ended amps will like highly efficient speakers and not difficult loads like some of the big planars. Fortunately, we've had a lot of experience with such problems. Give us a call if you need advice on proper amp-speaker matching.


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The EAR 834P Phono Stage

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