Cabling & Power Distribution products

You've probably already heard of Oyaide (say Oh-YA-ee-deh) but if not, this is one of Japan's most successful OEM houses that's finally decided to bring their wares directly to the marketplace under their own name. (They still work hand-in-hand with several high-end companies.) From the pictures you can get a good idea of what they do. What you CAN'T see is how this remarkable level of quality extends much farther than skin deep - Oyaide's designs, machining, and choice of materials is without peer, though their prices remain relatively affordable. Clockwise from top left: MTB-4 Dual-Duplex Outlet Box, OCB1-EX Box w/Oyaide Dedicated Cable,
Tunami Power Cable, SWO-XXX Duplex Outlet w/Gold/Palladium Plated Contacts, WPC-XXX Duplex Outlet w/ Gold/Palladium Contacts and 13mm Solid Aluminum Wall Plate w/Carbon Fiber Resonance Control Insert.

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