Several years ago, a smart fellow named Roy Hall decided that what the world needed (aside from more great Single-Malt Scotch) was a decent turntable that could lure folks away from CDs without asking them to mortgage their house. Roy is also the US importer for Creek electronics, and it seemed a natural thing to offer a modestly-priced turntable to go along with the other components he was offering.

With the assitance of a well-known factory in Europe, he came up with the MMF-2, a complete analog playback system including 'table, tonearm, and cartridge (now offered with a Music Hall Spirit cartridge). It was, and still is (in its new 2.3 configuration at $499.00), a major success. Seeing this, Roy got a little more ambitious, and several years ago he offered the MMF-5 (now 5.3), again a complete system with upgrades to the platter (glass), tonearm, cartridge (a high-quality Ortofon), and even plinth (a dual-plinth design with damping between decks, no less!) available now for just $995.00.

He then introduced the MMF-7.3, yet another serious leap upwards in every way. Like the MMF-5, it features a double plinth arrangement, but from there the similarity ends. Like 'tables costing 2, 3, 4 times as much (and more), it's got a cleverly implemented outboard motor drive (outboard only in the sense that it only makes contact with the turntable through the drive belt), a solid acrylic platter, upgraded spindle and bearing assembly, an upgraded tonearm, and an upgraded Ortofon cartridge. At $1,595.00, you've got a candidate for best bargain in analog-land.

Then Roy added the MMF-9.3 to the stable (with better tonearm, Goldring Eroica LX, THREE plinths, and more massive platter), upping the ante on price/performance yet again.

Above: The one that started it all, the MMF-2.3 (and LE)

Below: The Tweak Shop's best-seller, the MMF-5.3

USB-1 (w/ built-in phono stage and USB output): $249.00

MMF-1.3: (w/ Audio Technica cartridge) $299.00

MMF-2.3: $499.00, MMF-2.3LE (Ferrari red): $549.00;

MMF-5.3: $995.00; MMF-5.3SE: $1,395.00;

MMF-7.3: $1,595.00; (MMF-7.3 w/o cartridge: $1,395.00);

MMF-9.3: $2,395.00; (MMF-9.3 w/o cartridge: $2,195.00)

MMF-11.1 (four-plinth design, w/o cartrdige): $4,495.00

On the right, the most ambitious Music Hall Turntable yet, the mammoth, 3-plinthed MMF-9.3.

Left: The new version of our favorite, the MMF-5.3 SE

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