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Magnum-Dynalab does FM, and this they do incredibly well.

The Magnum-Dynalab MD-109 Tuner

Case in point: the MD-109. Undeniably, the World's Best FM Tuner. Primary highlights include an ultra stable power supply, a direct output Triode audio section and most importantly, the introduction of the World Source Platform. The World Source Platform represents the culmination of 2 years of development, and shows how Magnum-Dynalab has embraced the evolution of the multi-format audio source environment that we live in today. The MD-109 is also upgradeable to accommodate digital audio from various sources, including satellite radio, CD, DVD and Internet Sources. Quite simply, the MD 109 serves as your source component for all future listening options and variables. $9,900.00

The MD-108 FM Tuner

The MD-108 seen left ($7,250.00) is unquestionably a true FM reference component. The MD-108 is a hybrid tuner with precise Dual Matrix Eye tube tuning and a separate, superbly-designed audio stage using two 12AX7s in the audio switching stage. With three ultra-sensitive bandwidth settings and extremely high selectivity, you are ensured the best possible signal from the dual antenna inputs. And the sound? Second only to the MD-109 above! Highly recommended.

Magnum-Dynalb's other (solid-state) analog tuners include the MD-102, a superb peformer at $3,025.00; the MD-100 at $1,935.00, and the new MD-90, (a worthy successor to the original FT-101), which can lay claim to "best bang for the buck" at just $1,195.00.

The MD-106T FM Tuner

Magnum-Dynalb's stable now includes their Triode Series which offers superb, tube-based FM (using 6922s) at four different pricepoints. On the left is the flagship of the "T" line, the MD-106 ($4,395.00). surprisingly close to the magnificent MD-108 in performance, the MD-106T also uses of the wonderful "Magic Eye" tuning system like its bigger brother.

The rest of the Triode line is comprised of completely reworked editions of the other Magnum-Dynalab anaolg tuners. They are: the MD-102T at $3,495.00; the MD100T at $2,395.00; and the MD-90T at $1,595.00

If you live in an area where FM reception is problematic (and who doesn't?), Magnum-Dynalab also offers a remarkable unit called the Signal Sleuth (below - $435.00), which can do things like picking up distant, low-strength stations and amplifying them cleanly, as well as separating neighboring stations that tend to edge one another out on the dial.

Above: the Magnum-Dynalab MD-102 FM Tuner
Oh, and for those of you who insist on a digital AM / FM tuner, Magnum-Dynalab offers the DT-5 at just $1,095.00.

They also provide the ST-2 whip-type antenna at $109.00, which can be a dramatic improvement over everything from simple dipoles to much of the "powered" antennas you see in the discount catalogs, as well as two multi-element "yagi" antennas, the MD-6 FM with 8.2 dB gain at $220.00; and the MD-10 FM with 12 dB gain at $345.00.

The MD-209 FM Receiver and MD-309 Integrated Amplifier

As if all of the above weren't enough, Magnum-Dynalab boldly went where (virtually) no other high end audio manufacturer has gone: they built a truly high end receiver! Magnum-Dynalab came up with the superb concept of putting tuner, preamp, and amp in one box and elevating the performance so that even dyed-in-the-wool audiophiles can enjoy the results! Throw in a built-in, high-quality Digital-to-Analog Converter and USB interface and The MD-209 ($5,800.00 - shown at right) stands as, very possibly, the best receiver ever made.
For those who already have a superb tuner, Magnum-Dynalab has taken everything they've learned to offer the new MD-308 Integrated Amplifier (also includes the DAC and USB - $7,800.00 shown at right). Using their proprietary Hybrid-Acoustic Technology, the MD-309 realism, soundstaging, and musicality of their special 6922 Cryo Tubes with the crisp detail and punch of the best solid-state amps At 225 Watts per channel (8 ohms) you'll have no trouble driving even the toughest of speakers. Add unlimited flexibility thanks to a wealth of inputs (including three digital inputs) and you'll be able to integrate any source component seamlessly into your system. With the 5" LCD touchscreen and intuitive remote, the MD-309 is as easy to operate as it is stunning to look at (Note how the styling matches their MD-109 Tuner)!
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