Links to other Websites
Here are a few sites that we've enjoyed.

Accuphase This is the official Accuphase website. Be forwarned: this is the Japanese-based site and, even though the text is in English, you'll occasionally see products that aren't available in the US. Otherwise, good photos and product info as well as interesting insight into the company philosophy.

Nasa/ JPL Planetary Photojournal This is one of our favorite on-going projects. Click on a planet and see the latest photos from the various active space probes. Lately the two most fascinating have been the stunning photos being sent back by the Cassini-Huygens Saturn probe and the exploration of Jupiter. This is my (Elliot Kallen) website regarding my activities with Japanese classical music, my focus being the traditional Japanese bamboo flute called the shakuhachi. I perform, teach (both private lessons and workshops), and lecture regularly from my base in Northern California. A link to an article I wrote with more information on the shakuhachi and its history.

AbeBooks Looking for a book? This is the place to find that rare tome. Instant access to over 13,000 dealers around the globe.
Horaido Tea Shop One of the oldest tea shops in Kyoto. Specializes in teas from the Uji region (south of Kyoto). Our favorite.
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