Sadly, when most folks hear the phrase “High End Audio”, they think of absurdly over-priced gear that has no place in real homes.

JoLida is making a serious effort to produce electronics that fly in the face of this trend.

By way of example: the JoLida 302CRC Integrated Amplifier (seen on the left). The 302CRC looks conventional enough, doesn't it?

Ahh, but let's take a closer look, shall we?

It sports two EL34 power tubes per side, with one each 12AX7A and 12AT7 for input stage and drivers, respectively. Front panel controls are simple: an on-off switch on the left and an input selector knob (for four line inputs), a balance control, and a volume control on the right. It’s 40 lb weight gives a hint of the massive transformers that share a common cover along the back of the chassis (and which also give you a clue to the company’s origins in the audio transformer business in the ‘80’s). The 302CRC is rated at 50 Watts per side into 8 ohms, and that’s very conservative.

Construction quality and cosmetics are surprising. We say that because, and here’s the kicker: the 302CRC has a retail price of just $1,275.00.

We hope that got your attention. If that didn't, the sonics certainly will. The 302CRC gives you the richness and vividness of the best (and most expensive!) tube gear at a fraction of the cost. Sure, at this pricepoint the 302CRC won't quite give you the ultimate resolution of detail like the cost-no-object amps, but it is unfailingly true to the music, with superb dynamics and outstanding recreation of instruments in real space. Oh, and the "RC" stands for the remote volume control.

Of course, this isn't the only critter in JoLida's stable; they offer a wide range (and price range) of components, from the remarkable little 102CRC 25-Watt-per-side integrated amp ($775.00) to the 1000CRC integrated amp at $2,599.00. And it isn't just amps they do. Try the JD100A vacuum tube-based CD player ($999.00), or the startlingly good DAC Mini at just $120.00 (part of the groundbreaking new Glass FX Series which also includes the super little FX 10 Integrated stereo tube amp, seen at right, with a BIG 12 Watts per channel for only $499.00!), all exceptional performers that put the lie to the idea that you can only get "mid-fi" components if you're on a tight budget. It should be said, however, that JoLida also has noteworthy lines that are more ambitious, like the Fusion and Music Envoy Systems, priced accordingly.

Listen: In the world of audiophile-quality tube electronics, there simply isn't anything that can touch the JoLida components in anywhere NEAR this price.

Highly recommended!
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