Focal Loudspeakers

Chorus 700
Aria 900
Electra 1000 Be

Focal is recognized around the world for their amazingly complete line of loudspeakers that are not only exceptional value, but are on the cutting edge of loudspeaker technology. They can do this because the company is one of the largest manufacturers of loudspeaker drivers on Earth! They are also responsible for many technological breakthroughs in speaker design (like the astounding Beryllium tweeter on the Utopias and Electra 1000 Be) and implementation. Their drivers are in use in many famous high-end speakers,and it only makes sense that, since they design and produce the drivers, who better to design the appropriate loudspeakers around them? Company head Jacques Mahul is a stickler for quality control and is obsessed with giving folks the most "bang for their buck" (even when designing a speaker that retails for $180,000 a pair!).