We are a High End Audio retail store.

All of the products on these pages are available through our shop.

We carry audio equipment and accessories from a very select list of manufacturers and distributors from around the world, with an emphasis on those products that, we feel: A) best convey the power and emotion of real music, and B) provide the highest level of performance, build quality, and esthetics for the dollar.

The Tweak Shop has been in business since 1984 supporting the High End Audio community here in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. This is a family business, co-owned by myself (Elliot Kallen) and my wife Cara.

We believe strongly in the axiom, "Trust Your Own Ears", and we encourage our customers to ween themselves from reliance on other peoples opinions (even our own!) and to simply relax and have fun. Most audiophiles got into this hobby for the music (it certainly wasn't for the girls!!) and, every once in awhile it's good to remind ourselves that, Hey!, this isn't Life and Death, IT'S ONLY AUDIO!

Many, many years ago we published a rather large (225+ pages) catalog that was fondly refered to as "The Tweak Manual" by our customers. In it, we'd publish review reprints from some of the better High End magazines, as well as some of our own essays, opinions, and how-to articles. Sadly, the cost of such an enterprise became prohibitive, and the catalogs have become collectors items (and, sorry, we don't have any "hanging around").

So, for the time being, this website serves as our only "catalog" so, if there's something in particular you're looking for, you can just browse for stuff here on our website or give us a call for more info (and ordering)!

NOTE: Prices shown are Manufacturers List Price or Minimum Advertising Price.

Call us for current prices, special offers, and component combination packages at (707) 575-8626 or email us at eektweak(at)tweakshop.com (replace the "(at)" with a "@" and be aware that, because of our ISP's anti-spam software, a lot of our customer's emails have been geeting waylaid. The phone is always a better alternative.)

The last several years have seen our in-store traffic increase dramatically, even though we operate by appointment only. Generally speaking, our hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 9AM to 6PM (and Sundays, too, if that's the only time possible for an appointment).

If you would like to set up an appointment for a consultation or demo, or just need some clear-headed advice before making a purchase (from us), give us a call. Please bear in mind that we will NOT give you advice about purchasing used equipment (unless they are demo units from our shop) so DON'T ASK!

We thank you for taking the time to check out our website (it's always under construction, so watch out for loose AC cords!) and welcome suggestions for making it better.

Happy Listening!

Elliot & Cara Kallen - The Tweak Folk

By the way, the wonderful, cartoon-style illustrations scattered throughout this site are the work of Elwood H. Smith, a nationally recognized, award-winning illustrator and former Audiophile (recently cured of Audiophilia Nervosa, Elwood spends his time listening to music rather than equipment - we're so jealous!).

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