We're evaluating equipment every day here at the shop. In order for us to consider a new product or component as something we'd represent, it has to pass some very high standards for sound, construction, and esthetic quality, as well as fuss-free operation, reliability, and overall bang-for-the-buck. As a result, we don't have Circuit City-type shelves filled with dozens of different brands. That approach only leads to confusion and would only negate our dedication to system synergy. We work hard to put together musically satisfying systems that we know offer the best possible performance for our customers.Just give us a call (at 707-575-8626) to find out what it's like to work with someone who really has your satisfaction in mind, rather than a store that simply sells "boxes". We think you'll appreciate the difference!

Turntables, Tonearms, and Cartridges

CD Players, Digital Transports, and Digital Processors

FM Tuners (and Receivers!)

Preamplifiers and Amplifiers


Room Treatments

Interconnects, Speaker Cables, and Digital Interfaces

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