clearaudio Diamond Cleaner "The Elixir of Sound"

Time to retire (toss out) that little red and white bottle that you've been holding onto since the 70's. Seriously. This is the stuff you need for the basic, "clean-the-stylus-before-each-LP-side" ritual. I know, it might sound a bit obsessive (who, me?) but, really, this is what you want to do fully protect both the precious stylus AND the LPs you own.

This is particularly true if you haven't had the chance to put the LP through a real wet-clean process before playing it the first time. That residues and industrial gunk left behind in the LP pressing steps are pretty nasty; clinging to the stylus and quickly building up after only a play or two, eventually becoming baked onto the stylus from the friction heat created at the stylus tip during play. These problems multiply over time and cause both diminished sound quality and LP damage.

Frequent use of a mild stylus cleaner (like this) will eliminate these effects. It's that simple.

Use it every time you play a record.

It contains almost no alcohol so it's completely safe for all cartridges and stylus assemblies.

clearaudio Diamond Cleaner: $30.00

How to clean your stylus:

Always clean a stylus with a BACK-to-FRONT motion ONLY! Anything else could lead to places you don't even want to think about...

Apply the stylus cleaner by brushing onto the underside of the stylus tip (back to front only!).

Put the cap back on the bottle as soon as possible as the fluid can evaporate rapidly otherwise.

Wipe up spills immediately.

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