A couple of times during the year we offer some of our demo equipment for sale at VERY special prices. Often these units are in perfect condition, inside and out, but the manufacturer has replaced that particular model with a newer one or changed something cosmetically. At that point our demo is no longer representative of current production so it winds up here - and all sales are first-come, first-served, all sales are final, and all the products are limited to the demo pieces only (no back-orders or restocks). In other words, you snooze, you lose! In all cases, CALL 707-575-8626 FOR PRICING and AVAILABILITY.

Here are the current offerings:

van den Hul Array Monobloc Amplifiers This is one of the finest solid-state amplifiers we've had the pleasure of representing in our shop and it's sadly no longer in production. van den Hul originally designed a whole bunch of electronics for professional use, e.g., recording studio monitoring, and built them to be neutral (in the best sense of the word) and transparent as possible. At 100 Watts each, these monoblocs have no trouble driving moderately-efficient speakers with ease. We'll even throw in a pair of excellent van den Hul cables for the purpose. Original retail: $7,500 Call for demo price
The Focal Alto Utopia Loudspeakers Another long-time reference that's being replaced by a newer model, the Alto Utopias redefined what was possible thanks to Focals breakthrough beryllium tweeter and proprietary driver design. Each of the drivers is given its own rigid cabinet to minimize driver interactions - an amazing combination of technologies that makes for a transparent, clean, revealing system that's never hard or fatiguing, yet is capable of mind-blowing dynamic nuance from the merest whisper to all-out orchestral crescendos. Many of you know that we use well-recorded piano music for reference material (it's a sound we know intimately), and few speakers we've heard match the Altos in their ability to present a realistic rendition of a piano and all its complexities. These are perfect for medium-sized rooms and amplifiers from 30 Watts a channel on up (and, yes, they LOVE good tube amps!). Original retail price: $22,995 Call for special demo pricing
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