EuroAudioTeam Cool Dampers
The Cool Damper is a radical new device from EAT – EuroAudioTeam (gotta love that name!). This beautifully crafted audio product offers much more than simply adding a new styling twist to your tubes by surrounding them in a fashionable outfit. It also brings exceptional acoustic performance and function to your system by delivering sound that redefines the tube damping category.

Carefully chosen materials for the Cool Dampers allow them to be used as truly effective vibration-consuming devices. This results in reduced distortion from the tube circuit, as well as vastly reducing the tendency of most vacuum tubes to act in a microphonic manner. Ridding your system of tube ringing is a big deal. Those pesky, ringing glass envelopes actually contribute a LOT of unwanted garbage to your sound. Cool Dampers are the cure. This translates into more controlled and deeper bass, a more open and detailed sound stage, and crisper and greater dynamic range.

The Cool Damper also reduces the operating temperature of the glass envelope of an electron tube by about 10 %, which of course acts to appreciably extend the lifetime of the tubes. As you can probably imagine, this is not a bad thing if you're shelling out big bucks for premium tubes.

Cool Dampers compensate for the naturally resonant tendencies of both glass and aluminum, and work to transform active vibrational energy into thermal energy, which is then dissipated as heat radiation.

The Cool Damper is a result of many years of rigorous research and development. This high-fidelity, consumer-friendly product is easy to install, and fabulously simple in design. Cool Dampers are manufactured from a relatively soft aluminum extrusion coated with a specially-blended mix of Teflon® and carbon composite PTFE. The precise shapes of the EAT Cool Dampers are finished with long-lasting anodized colors. This makes these cooling rings an aesthetically attractive, as well as functional, accessory for your valued vacuum tube equipment.

For flexibility in maintaining contact of the aluminum body to the sometimes erratic cylindrical surfaces of various tubes, Cool Dampers use six special carbon-teflon composite strips (V profile).

Tube dampers in one form or another have been around for many years, but these from EAT take things to another level.

How do these things work?

1. Dampers come with the 6 V-profile strips factory pre-installed, each positioned in the middle of the hexagonal form of the Cool Damper. (See illustration on the right.)

2. By moving the V profiles along the face away from the corner it is possible to move it closer to the center of the hexagon and thus the tube wall. By this simple (and ingenious) method, tubes from 19 mm to 22 mm in diameter can be accommodated, which covers 99.99% of the tubes you’ll encounter. (See the illustrations below.)

3. Diameters of most tubes are generally a bit smaller on the top of the glass envelope than on the bottom. By sliding the tube into the Damper in an upside down position (see picture at right) you can easily install it.

If the Damper is too loose and slides down the glass or, conversely, is too tight just change position of the V profiles to accomodate your particular tube. Once installed, the proximity of the aluminum-extruded body of the Damper acts as a heat-sink, wicking heat away from the center of the tube while the V-profile strips effectively damp resonances.

What tubes can use EAT Cool Dampers?

Inner surface of the Damper has 3 x 6 channels for a wide range of diameters from 19.5 to 22 mm. This means it fits the following tubes:

• 12AT7: ECC81, 6201, E81CC, ECC801, B309, 6060, 6679, 7728, CV455, CV2016, CV8154

• 12AU7: ECC82, E82CC, 6067, B339, 5814, 6189, 6680, 7730, CV491, CV8155

• 12AX7: ECC83, E83CC, ECC803, 7025, 5751, 7058, 7729, 6681, CV492, CV8156

• 6DJ8: ECC88, E88CC, 6922

• EL84, EF86 and many others.

Give us a call at 707-575-8626 to find out more! Cool Dampers are $35.00 each.

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