Wire, wire, everywhere!

Getting through all the hype can be daunting and exasperating.

"Only our design of twisted- pair, 12-nines copper, based on an ancient Sanskrit labyrinth can truly bring your music to life!" "Copper's no good; we use only nickel-plated adamantium blessed by monks from Tierra del Fuego!" "Solid-core tree sap eliminates skin effect!" "Toe-Jam dielectric exposed to Gamma rays and baked at 350 degrees will COMMAND those pesky electrons to stay in line!"

Look; different cables often do sound different from one another, but it's usually accountable by means other than voodoo. Resistance, capacitance, and inductance are very real ingredients in cable soup, and their effects are usually predictable. One of our favorite industry wags once said: "All cables are simply tone controls, and anybody who denies this is kidding himself." There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all cable.

The point is, we've listened to a LOT of cables in a LOT of different systems and we decided that, rather than trying to match a cables strength to a components weakness (the "Bandaid" approach), we'll stick with cables that simply sound as uncolored as possible, building "neutral"-sounding audio systems. So, even though the cables we like represent a variety of different design ideas, they all remain as true to the music as we can find.

As always, though, your system will have it's own needs regarding the performance/dollar equation. Give us a call for advice.



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