Box Series Components
We recognize it, you know it: the Apple iPod has changed the way people access and listen to music. With this new shift in paradigms the smart folks at Pro-Ject have come up with an innovative solution for music lovers who wish to expand the capabilities of their new digital sources. That's where the Box Series comes in. It's a modular line of mini audio components designed to provide true, audiophile-quality sound in packages that are small, affordable, yet still able to address advanced audio system design applications. In addition to iPod and broadcast radio sources, these amazing little components interface superbly with Pro-Ject's turntables as well as your own computer-based music servers. Need an interface between your 'table and the rest of your Box system? There's the Phono Box II USB (of course, you could also just use Pro-Ject's Debut III USB turntable for a direct connection, too!). The Box Series includes every possible permutation you'll need: a preamplifier, mono and stereo amplifiers, FM tuner, input switching Box, USB DAC, two headphone Boxes, and, yes, and iPod dock. Furthermore, for anaolg enthusiasts, Pro-Ject has an entire sub-line of Boxes including both solid-state and tubed phono stages (for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges) as well as turntable speed control Boxes. There's even a special Power Box II that can power multiple Boxes thereby eliminating the need for all the separate power supplies ("wall warts"). To keep things fashionably organized they also have two enclosures to hold your Boxes in style! Whether you're a budding audiophile-on-a-budget, challenged for physical space to house your system, or just looking for a killer secondary system, the Pro-ject Box Series will be your solution! Highly recommended.

Check out the Box Series "rouges gallery" below and, should you have any questions, just give us a call at 575-8626. (This page might take awhile to load!)

Top Row - left: the Dock Box ($199); center: the Tuner Box ($249); right: USB Box DAC ($159).

Second Row - left: Pre Box ($349); center: Amp Box Stereo ($399); right: Amp Box Mono ($349)

This Row - left: Switch Box (adds 4 line-level inputs - $199); center: Tube Box SE II phono stage MM & MC ($699); and right: Tube Box II phono stage MM & MC ($449).
This Row - left: Phono Box SE II ($329); center: Phono Box II ($159); right: Phono Box II USB ($199)
This Row - left: Speed Box II SE ($629); center: Speed Box II ($159); right: Power Box II ($219)
Bottom Row - left: Head Box II ($159); center: Head Box SE II ($349); right: Design Box 2V (for two Boxes - $79; also available as Design Box 2V-2H for four Boxes at $99)
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