The Bellari VP-130 Phono Stage

Years ago folks used to say "What this country needs is a good 10-cent cup o'coffee." (Now, of course, we have a Starbucks every 30 feet where you have the privilege of forking over your Rolex for a half-cream-half-Half-and-Half-half-Decaf-Mocha-Latte-with-sprinkles. Oy!) Then, just over 20 years ago, Sony and Philips tried to kill off the LP. It didn't work. All they really accomplished was to force analog playback to get even better! Unfortunately, a lot of really great phono stages will set you back as much as the above mentioned Rolex. Then along came this little gem from Bellari. Let's make one thing clear: the VP-130 won't replace the more expensive, high-gain phono stage you'll need for good, low-output moving coil cartridges.However, for moving magnets and high-output (>2mV) moving coils, look no further! Made in the USA, the Bellari is a tubed design (using a single 12AX7A) with RIAA EQ, a switchable rumble filter, a mute switch, and headphone output with output level control. Beyond all of the wonderful features, the Bellari sounds great and, best of all, it's only $250.00! Highly recommended!!

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