The Aesthetix Moving Coil Cartridge Demagnetizer

Here's another great analog accessory from the importers of the Benz cartridges. This is simply one of the most user-friendly designs for demagnetizing moving coil cartridges we've ever seen! Just plug the tonearm leads in the back. Hit the "Power" button, hit the "Activate" button, wait a few moments, and it's DONE!

Over time, the various parts of the inner assembly of moving coil cartridges experience a build-up of magnetic energy, resulting in a veiling of detail, even a loss of dynamics and upper-octave resolution. Running the cartridge through the Benz demagnetizer removes the excess, often bring back a cartridges sense of "presence" and "life".

We routinely run our moving coils through the Aesthetx Demagnetizer every six or seven months as general maintenance. We DON'T recommened this device for use with moving magnet cartrdiges, however. Call us (at 707-575-8626) if you have ANY questions about using this with your cartridge. $199.00

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