Without getting into a long, drawn out argument about the effectiveness of upgrading various parts of the AC power chain, let's just say this: we think that the differences between any of the "garden variety" hospital-grade AC outlets and the Acme are audible and well worth the simple effort and more-than-affordable outlay of cash.

When we say "affordable", you know we mean it - the basic Acme 15 amp/125 Volt silver-plated/cryo-treated duplex receptacles list for $35.00; the same with Special Sauce treatment (a proprietary coating) are $45.00. The 20 amp version is available in silver/cryo edition at $35.00; the Special Sauce model (shown on the left - our favorite) also is just $45.00. On these models, a proprietary high-purity silver plating is applied to all the important contact surfaces. Acme outlets are available in any color you want (as long as it's Ivory!).

Want to upgrade the IEC AC receptacle on your amp, preamp, CD player, or any other component that uses the IEC 3-prong cord? Acme even has silver-plated verions of these hard-to-find items (see below left). Standard 15 amp silver-plated is only $6.00; the cryo model is just $9.00. How about upgrading the fuse holder while your at it? The standard 10 amp silver-plated holder will only set you back $3.00, while its cryogenically-treated version (below right) is only $6.00.

Give us a call at 707-575-8626 for specific recommendations for your system!

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