Accuphase Audio and Home Theater Electronics

Accuphase has the distinction of being the longest-running company producing only High End solid-state audio components in the world. Really. As amazing as that may sound, it's even more impressive when you realize they've consistently been on the leading edge of every advance of digital audio reproduction since it began in the 1970's. Accuphase was given birth by the brothers behind the once-great Kenwood line in 1973, with the sole intent of producing the finest, cost-no-object audio components possible. They've never veered from that goal. Though the current range of Accuphase products includes offerings of a more affordable nature, each model is still a marvel of the most advanced technological thinking matched to a level of execution that puts other "High End" pretenders to shame. Their prices reflect their ideals. They are truly built to the highest standards and are meant to provide a lifetime of listening enjoyment and pride of ownership. These are the systems that audiophiles go to when they tire of experimenting with tweaks and mods and decide, finally, to find something that simply brings them MUSIC; reliably, accurately, and with the highest level of aesthetics and craftsmanship. (The pictures included here don't do justice to the remarkable fit, finish, and FEEL of these pieces.) We consider these components to be the best solid-state audio product line in the world. Period.

Accuphase Digital Separates (i.e., transports and processors)

Accuphase CD and SACD Players

Accuphase Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, and Integrated Amplifiers

Accuphase Multi-channel and Home Theater Components

Accuphase Power Supplies/Conditioners

Accuphase DG-48 Digital Voicing Equalizer

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