A retail shop in Northern California, THE TWEAK SHOP is dedicated to bringing you the finest, and most musically satisfying, offerings from the world of home audio.

On our webpages you'll find information on almost everything we represent, from modestly-priced systems to cost-no-object components that redefine the limits of the State of the Art in home audio reproduction. Enjoy! - Elliot & Cara Kallen

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Check this out for all the latest and greatest at Tweak Central.
Who we are and what we do.
CD players, turntables, amplifiers and preamps (both tubed and solid-state) and 'speakers.
Telepathy might not work, but you're welcome to try...
Whether you're looking for a small two-channel system for your home office or a cost-no-object multi-channel home theatre system - THIS IS THE PLACE!
All that tweaky stuff you just can't live without!
Get 'em while you can!
Need to know how to set up those new 'speakers, or learn about the care and feeding of that new tube amp? Here's the place to go. Cool links, too.

Last update: August 7, 2017

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